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        Chongqing cai qin qiang Machinery Co.,Ltd is supporting enterprise dedicated to the fastener manufacturers, distributors of Taiwan Sancheng lubricating oil. All the big fastener manufacturers in Chongqing and Sichuan are used and are now selling for the whole country. The company sells a series of screw nut matching equipment, such as the Taiwan nut cold heading machine, the oil fume cleaning machine, the online oil Jilting machine, the nut mold, the punching rod and so on!

        The company has joined the Chongqing Fastener Association and vice president. The Guangdong fasteners association has been a member unit, and has actively participated in the major exhibitions of fastener industry. Mr. Xie Wanqiang, the general manager of the company, will continue to uphold the business philosophy of quality, honesty and friendship. Sincerely welcome manufacturers all over the world to negotiate business, work together to create a win-win situation!